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Cornelia Lindner

My name is Cornelia Lindner and I am a trained social worker, sex educator, sex counselor, family planning counselor, supervisor and certified pelvic floor trainer. I have been writing educational books for children and young people for several years. There are some high-quality books in the field of sex education - but I mostly had something to complain about. So why not write a children's book yourself? Said and done! That's why I wrote the gender-sensitive educational book "Erbsenklein Melonenbig" together with Verena Tschemernjak from Toni Books.

Feminism is...

... essential.

My feminist role model is...

... any person who is committed to social change for all people.

My favourite book is...

... Sophie's world.

The best empowerment song is...

... Just A Girl.

Viva La Vulva, because...

... the vulva was hidden for too long.

More about Cornelia Lindner : www.gefuehlsecht.at

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