300 years till equality is too long.

We are the most trusted platform for womxn empowerment. Join us in breaking social taboos, so that everyone - regardless of gender - can live a self-determined life.

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    Shop & promote gender equality. All our products are made by womxn-owned companies.

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    The online community for feminists, womxn creators and everyone who wants to become one.

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    C'est La V talks founding stories, feminism, and introduces the womxn behind the products.

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EMPOVVER Community

The EMPOVVER community is the ultimate online community for feminists, womxn creators and all those who want to become one. EMPOVVER is the place-to-be for all those who want more: more knowledge, more networking, more activism. ✊

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Made by womxn

we promise

All products are made by womxn or companies that are at least 50% run by womxn.


Made to break taboos

Feminism ftw

For us, feminism is not a marketing gag. Behind every product are people who stand up for feminist causes.


Made for you

Not just a "female thing"

Not just womxn: EMPOVVER is for everyone who wants to strengthen feminism and social justice.


Our values


The vision of feminism is not a "female future". It is a human future. These words come from Johanna Dohnal, Austria's first Minister for Women, and they reflect our conviction. For us, feminism stands for the fundamental equality of all people, regardless of gender or identity. It is not about more rights for one group, but equal rights for all.


A yes to equality and a no to all forms of discrimination. Our vision of feminism is not only about gender equality, but also about recognising and fighting other forms of discrimination. This means that we stand against racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry and Ableism. Because discrimination is multi-layered and is influenced and reinforced by factors such as origin, skin colour, class and sexual orientation.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

EMPOVVER is a space for everyone. We are proud to be a platform for vendors from the FLINTA community - women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people. Here you will find products from companies that share the same values of inclusivity, diversity and equality.


For us, feminism and sustainability are inseparable. When we talk about feminism, we also talk about a responsible approach to our environment. That's why when choosing our products, we attach great importance to ensuring that they are not only feminist-inspired but also meet sustainable criteria. Whether organic, vegan, made in the EU or recyclable - we focus on products that are both ethically and ecologically convincing.

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