How it all started...

In 2018, Sofia co-founded the non-profit organization Viva La Vulva. A lot has happened since then. Feminism and diversity are on everyone's lips, but that doesn't mean that everything that calls itself such is really authentic. That's #pinkwashing, and that's so not our thing.

We say: there's another way!

We believe that every decision has an impact on the world we live in.

That is why all our products in the store are from selected womxn-owned businesses that really make a difference. But that's not all: in the EMPOVVER community, we talk about topics that no one else is talking about.

We dream of a more empowered world: Empowerment starts with you, which is why we encourage you to join us in campaigning for a more equal world with a strong voice and a gentle heart.

Strong voices, gentle hearts.

With a strong voice, we fight for a more self-determined, fairer world. We empower our community with gentle hearts.

  • Sofia Surma, Founder & CEO

    Sofia Surma is a feminist, founder and vulva enthusiast. Since 2018 she has been working intensively on breaking the taboo on the vulva. Whether with a giant tampon in front of the Ministry of Finance or at her vulva craft workshops, Sofia Surma lives feminism artistically, politically and, last but not least, passionately.
  • Marlene Frauscher, Founder & CFO/COO

    Marlene and Sofia have known each other since they studied together. Following her Masters in London, she gained experience in the international finance and start-up industry. Her focus: strategic business development. Marlene is particularly concerned about equal rights for women in the professional world.
  • Clemens Otto, founder and CTO

    Clemens is an IT all-rounder with a passion for blockchain technology. He is a partner at Validvent and is studying business informatics at WU. At Vulva Shop, Clemens takes over the IT strategic planning and the expansion of our offer with Web3 applications.
  • Camus, Happiness Manager

    Camus is a watchdog, emotional support dog and office clown. He takes his role as Happiness Manager very seriously and his faxes bring fun to everyday office life.
  • Christiane Murer

    Public Affairs & ESG Project Manager, Lawyer and DJ

  • Judith Kohlenberger

    Migration expert at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • Maria Baumgartner

    CEO of HROS and former Speedinvest Heroes

  • Marina Hoermanseder

    Internationally renowned fashion designer

  • Natascha Fürst

    Climate and gender activist

  • Thomas Frauscher

    Innovation Manager, Intercultural Leader and Business Angel

Empowering you to...

stand up
be vulnerable
use your voice
be proud of yourself
share your wins
empower others
create whatever the fuck you want
support womxn
support small businesses
show yourself
fuck the system
be soft and be strong
love yourself
be gentle with yourself
be your own role model
inspire others
keep growing

Empowering you to be you.

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