Women found differently - and that is our strength!

Often overlooked and faced with high barriers to entry in traditional retail, womxn-owned businesses are nevertheless an essential and dynamic part of the economy. 🚀

We not only contribute a lot to increasing innovation, but are also essential building blocks on the path to true equality.

That's why EMPOVVER is committed heart and soul to supporting Womxn Creators on every front with a full-service e-commerce solution. This gives you enough time to concentrate on your core activity and grow.

Let’s shape the future – together, successfully and equally! 🤝🌈

  • Storage 📦

    Lack of space in your warehouse? We have the solution!💡 As an innovative e-commerce startup, we know how essential efficient storage is for the success of your online business. With us, every product finds its optimal space! Say goodbye to stressful storage problems and the hassle of overcrowded storage rooms. Simply send us your items that are sold through our platform. We'll take care of the rest.

  • Shipping 🌍

    You know the pain point: Shipping products to end customers can be challenging. With us there is no detour via drop shipping - we offer direct EU-wide shipping. This makes it easier for customers to order several brands per purchase at a reasonable price (only 1 package and 1 x shipping costs) and protects the environment.🍃

  • Marketing 🌟

    Good marketing is an essential part of business. A part that costs a lot of time and money. When you promote our platform, we take your product with us. From the targeted newsletter 📧 to our informative podcast 🎙 to our presence on social media 📱 - we do everything we can to ensure that your product gets the attention it deserves. Together we grow and strengthen our brands.

  • Community 🤝

    Starting a business is hard and running a business is hard too. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Entrepreneurs encounter countless questions and challenges every day. But who can you really and honestly talk to about this without always having to sugarcoat everything? With us, you will find a community of like-minded people. We promote open dialogue because we know: exchange is essential to grow and learn together! 🙌

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Goods on consignment

We accept goods on consignment and ensure payment after a successful sale through our platform. 🛍️💰 No more confusion: At the beginning of each month you will receive a detailed list of all items sold from the previous month📋. Your task? Just the invoicing! This approach allows us to respond dynamically to customer demand and design our processes to be lean and efficient.

Success fee + contribution to expenses

For our comprehensive services, we charge a standard trading margin as well as a one-off onboarding fee of € 150.- net and a monthly admin fee of € 9.99 net. Interested? Apply online now and let's go through all the important details in a personal meeting. We are looking forward to it! 🤝

At least 50% womxn-owned

At least 50% of your company must be owned by one or more womxn.

Still questions? Then write to us at hello@empovver.com