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Danielle Saffarnia & Yasmina Bouzid

We are two friends from Vienna & the founders of LA ROSE. Our common preference for skincare & aesthetics has led us (in addition to the fact that we understand each other blindly) to found our own label, where we value not only quality but also fair treatment of people and the planet.

Feminism is...

... the road to true equality.


Our feminist role models are...

... all the power ladies in our lives doing their thing.

Our favorite books are...

... The café on the edge of the world and women health

The best empowerment song is...

... Alien Superstar - Beyonce

Viva La Vulva, because...

... more needs to be said about female empowerment.

Danielle's and Yasmina's story now on the C'est La V Podcast

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