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We are Familiar Faces, a young women-run publisher from Berlin. We stand for excellent illustration, new narratives and sustainability. Our book series "New Reading for Learning Together" creates new approaches to current discourses and offers the opportunity for an open, discrimination-sensitive exchange between adults and children. In addition to conveying current discourses, the focus is on contemporary illustrations and design approaches. This also applies to our puzzle label Wonderpieces, with which we bring current feminist motifs with strong statements to the puzzle mat.

Feminism is...

... important for all of us! It's not just about men and women, it's about gender as a social category. Especially when dealing with children, we want to make a gender-sensitive exchange possible. In this way we can learn to name stereotypes and injustices and to oppose them.

Our feminist role model is...

... Emilia Zenzile Roig

Our favorite books are...

... "How do I explain racism to children?" by Josephine Apraku and "Girl, Boy, Child" by Daniela Thörner ;)

The best empowerment song is...

... "Let's Talk About Gender Baby" by Planningtorock

More about Familiar Faces : https://familiarfaces.de

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