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Gloria Dimmel

Since I went on a physical exploration tour in 2017 and rediscovered my vulva, I have made it possible for other people with a vulva to see their genitals from a different angle - in the form of a plaster cast in a social gathering of like-minded people. In addition to a collection of around 400 vulva molds for exhibition purposes, I have also created the memory game MUMURY aka PUSSY PAIRS and due to the pandemic, I have created a DIY vulva mold kit for the home.

Feminism is...

...a must! Because people read as women still do most of the care work and own a fraction of the global wealth. Because even more of this care work is outsourced to migrant women for even less money. Because access to medical health services etc. for trans people is hardly possible without discriminatory experiences. Because people read as men commit suicide more often than seek help. Because in a world of excess there is poverty and hunger. Because every femicide is one to many. Because social inequality will only increase as a result of the oncoming climate catastrophe.

My feminist role model is...

... Valie Export.

My favourite book is...

... unfortunately I can't decide, but everything from bell hooks.

The best empowerment song is...

... spontaneously: Tommy Genesis - A woman is a god.

Viva La Vulva, because...

... we have to break taboos.

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