Be vulnerable and lead with kindness and love.

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Katharina Lorenz

I'm Katharina Lorenz, 26 years old and a graphic designer and illustrator from Vienna. I deal with intersectional feminism and in my work I try to talk about taboo topics, normalize vulnerability, and create a space where every person can feel seen and empowered.


Feminism is...

... equal rights and equality for everyone, really for everyone.


My feminist role models are...

... very, very many people around me.


My favourite book is...

... "The Origin of the World" - Liv Strömquist


The best empowerment song is...

... "Shit Happens" - Tierra Whack


Viva La Vulva, because...

... we still know far too little about the vulva and it's about time to smear (decorate) school books and walls with vulvae.


"I hope that my art helps people with their journey of self-love. I hope that people feel less alone, that they feel seen and beautiful. I also hope that it starts a conversation - let's talk more about vulva diversity, the menstruation, body dysmorphia, therapy etc.”


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