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Lisa Charlotte Sonnberger

Lisa Charlotte Sonnberger is a qualified kindergarten teacher, goldsmith and art historian. Feminist themes range from her master's thesis, which explored photography as the empowering medium of Iranian harem women in the 19th century, to personalized vulva rings to the first children's book about the vulva.
Together with Katharina Hotter and Florian Staffelmair she is the author of "Lina, the discoverer". The children's book was awarded the State Prize as one of the most beautiful books of 2020 and is now a bestseller. She lives and works in Vienna.

Feminism is...

... still very important to me. As long as there is no lived equality for all genders, I will be a feminist.

My feminist role model is...

... are all people who stand up for their self-determination, act in a binding manner and support each other on the way to a just world. Here I am inspired by close friends who encourage each other. But also people like Reese Witherspoon, who with her own film production company offers more women the stage in the film business and spreads a previously underrepresented empowering narrative of being a woman in the media world. And we all know how strongly we are shaped by media images in our understanding of the world and ourselves in it.

My favourite book is...

... are all graphic novel books by the Swedish and feminist author and illustrator Liv Strömqvist. Her first book The Origin of the World was definitely an additional inspiration for me to work on a children's book about the vulva.

The best empowerment song is...

... I have a whole playlist, but right now my favorite thing to do is sing along to the Ugly Clementines' cover of Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten," which is about being a brave writer in your own life to understand.

"(...) Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in, no one else, no one else, can speak the words on your lips, drench yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten (...)."

Viva La Vulva, because...

... we get the vulva out of speechlessness, finally call it by its name and give it the loving attention it deserves.

More about Lisa Charlotte Sonnberger: http://lisasonnberger.at

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