Make it a point to love yourself, as fiercely as you do other people - Rupi Kaur

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Rita Schmidl

Who am I? I'm a woman, I'm introverted, but lately I've also been loud at times. I feel most comfortable when I can laugh out loud in small groups, lie on parquet floors or look at the water. In ceramics I have found what I have been looking for for a long time: a place where I can both lose myself and show myself.

Feminism is...

... a lot, from talking back, not avoiding and being loud to networking, sticking together and being there for each other.

My feminist role model is...

...each* who, in her own way, stands in the way of patriarchy.

My favourite book is...

... Rupi Kaur - Home Body.

The best empowerment song is...

... Yasmo & the Sound Canteen - Girls Wanna Have Fun.

Viva La Vulva, because...

...we as a community can be much louder!

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