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Bad Bitch

Let's smash the patriarchy together | Tote bag

Let's smash the patriarchy together | Tote bag

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Let's smash the patriarchy together.

Make a statement for feminism and womxn empowerment with this unique jute bag. Show the world that you stand for equality and against patriarchal structures. This bag is more than just an accessory - it's an expression of your beliefs.

🌿 Sustainable & Natural: Made from 100% organic cotton. GOTS & FAIR TRADE certified. Printed with water-based and biodegradable inks. Washable at 30°C (slight shrinkage possible on 1st wash).
🌸 Support a Womxn Owned business: With your purchase, you support a womxn-owned business that is committed to womxn power and feminism.

Who is behind this?

Regarding Rosalie's profile

More than a slogan

The structures of patriarchy are so ingrained in our society and subconscious that many hardly realize how many people are being systematically oppressed. If you fight it and educate yourself about it, you will simply be told that it's not all that bad and that you should just accept things as they are. But we live in the 21st century and we certainly don't accept that FLINTA* are paid less, have to take cat calling or are "asked" for wearing short skirts. We are tired of explaining consensus on a daily basis as if it were something out of the ordinary or seeing our children suffer the effects of toxic masculinity and typical gender roles. This list could go on forever. So: Let's smash the patriarchy!

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