About Sofia Surma

Sofia Surma is a feminist, founder and vulva enthusiast. Since she founded Viva La Vulva in 2018, she has been working intensively on removing taboos from female* sexuality and the vulva. Whether with a giant tampon in front of the Ministry of Finance or at her vulva craft workshops, Sofia Surma lives feminism artistically, politically and, last but not least, passionately.

Born in southern Styria, she studied International Politics and Public Service at the University of Warwick and the American University in Washington DC. In recent years she has lived in Australia, Belgium, Germany, England and the USA. Before starting her own business, she worked in the blockchain and cyber security sector for almost two years.

Sofia Surma's interest in politics not only motivated her choice of studies, but also sharpened her awareness of various socio-political norms and standards that she herself experienced in different countries and contexts. Her work experience in the male-dominated IT industry has also contributed to the fact that she now wants to empower women* and make them visible with her work.


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