The V stands for vulva

Yes, that's right, it stands for vulva, not vagina.

It's amazing how often these terms are confused. But it only underlines how much male perspectives often unconsciously dominate the discourse on pleasure, sex, the body and life in general.

I am Sofia Surma, one of the founders of EMPOVVER. Passionate feminist and avid vulva enthusiast. This podcast is about much more than vulvas though; it's an in-depth look at feminist issues that affect us all. From social justice to sustainability, from female* sexuality to female* business creation, we cover a wide range of topics that are essential for an inclusive and equal society. Listen in and get inspired.

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Why we do this podcast

Our mission is clear: we stand up for equal opportunities and equality. Under the motto "empowered womxn empower womxn", we bring the inspiring stories and concerns of the womxn behind the products to light - directly into the microphone of our podcast. We hope that their stories will inspire you and maybe even motivate you to start something yourself.

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