Empowering you to be you.

Your supportive community for Womxn empowerment, where we talk about topics no one else is talking about. ✊

We create real connections.
We raise our voices.
We fight for real diversity and inclusion.
We don't engage in woke-washing.
We encourage people to look at the world from different perspectives.
We think it's ok that yesterday we wanted to change the world and today we just want to watch trash TV.


Your new favorite girl gang, which already has more than 50 members.

  • Exchange with like-minded people

    No one can change the world alone. We connect you with people who stand for equality and fight for a more just society.

  • Networking of womxn-owned businesses

    Dive into a powerful, cross-industry community of entrepreneurs. It's time for the rise of womxn-owned business!

  • Feminist content, videos and posts

    Get inspired by our passion for Womxn empowerment. Become part of a unique online community with events, blog posts and video podcasts.

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At one glance

The EMPOVVER Community is an online community for rebels with strong voices and soft hearts.your membership includes:

🙌 Access to the Community Space

💬 Group chats and private messaging

🤓 Unlimited access to topic worlds (such as women's health, gender, cycle and feminism) with video podcasts and articles

🎁 Exclusive discounts in the Vulva Shop

💪 Access to activist projects you can get involved in

🔥 Curated events & services from womxn-owned businesses

💻 Quarterly online get-togethers

📍An exclusive offline event in Vienna (alternatively a surprise box from the Vulva Shop)

✊ Self-organized Local Action Chapters

🗣 Platform & resources to start your own activist projects


What to expect in the community

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What content is included?

The aim of the platform is to advance Womxn empowerment through networking, knowledge and education. This takes place in a digital community space, which, depending on the membership, will offer access to groups, special discounts, master classes and network meetings, among other things.

Who is the EMPOVVER Community for?

For feminists, womxn creators and everyone who wants to become one.

What language will the community content be in?

Initially, all content will only be available in German.

Can I test the community?

Yes, you can try it out for free for 30 days. After that, membership costs €19.99 per month and can be canceled monthly.

Do I have to provide my credit card details?

Yes, you need a credit card to register. However, this will only be charged at the end of the 30-day trial period.

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