"Flowers bloom with no regrets" (Years&Years)

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Alina Eynck

Hello, I'm Alina, the founder and managing director of Porzelina. I have been involved with sexology and ceramics since 2014. Since then I have been fascinated by the diversity of the subject, which goes so much further than meets the eye. It's not just about ceramic sex toys, but about connecting to yourself, expanding your own horizons, getting to know your own desires and limits. It's about identity, feminism, relationships and lust. And a whole lot more!

Feminism is...

... quiet and loud, colorful and free, loving and caring, gentle and energetic...

My feminist role model is...

... Lady Gaga

My favourite book is...

... Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

The best empowerment song is...

...Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Viva La Vulva, because...

... because there is nothing to be ashamed of but all the more to celebrate!

More about Porzelina: www.porzelina.de

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