I can do everything you do bleeding, but I don't have to!

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Hello, I'm Ilona and I have set myself the goal of making menstruation as pleasant, healthy and at the same time as practical as possible for women. I have developed period underwear with an exchange system and thus combine the advantages of washable pads and menstrual underwear. Without biocides of course ;)

Feminism is...

... there for everyone :) For strong men, for strong women, for sensitive men, for sensitive women, for BIPOC, for queer people! And: we all urgently NEED more feminism - for more peace, for a more beautiful, freer life and so much more!

My feminist role model is...

... Duzen Tekkal because she campaigns for the rights of so many extremely disadvantaged women and girls worldwide.

My favourite book is...

... A thousand bright suns - it tells of an incredibly strong female friendship.

The best empowerment song is...

... "Never Give Up" - Sia, MARINA - Man's World.

Viva La Vulva, because...

... shame is out!!! Vulva lips, vulva hair, vulva care - that not only sounds better - it also feels better. On to revulsion!

More about Ilona: www.natana.de

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