"Zu Tod gfurchten is a gstuabn."

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Julia Pinter

For me, as a working-class kid, it's hard work to free myself creatively and mentally from rigid ideas (without wanting to forget my own roots). Now I'm proud to say that I'm doing what I really love to do: I'm a freelance graphic designer (with a subtle penchant for vintage and kitsch), my favorite colleague just a few meters away from me, listening to music while I'm walking my dog rub the piggy belly and water my plants.


Feminism is...

... community, education, and self-image, important.


My feminist role models are...

...ma grandma from Burgenland. Inconspicuous housewives who hold all the reins in their hands and meanwhile still look at everyone.


My favourite book is...

... The tobacconist


The best empowerment song is...

... Everything Beyoncé, always.


Viva La Vulva, because...

... we are "leiwand".


More about Atelyay: https://www.atelyay.at/

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