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Vera Steinhäuser

die Macht Zentrale | Book (German)

die Macht Zentrale | Book (German)

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The power is female.

Women, dare!, says Vera Steinhäuser: It's time to take power off its pedestal - and recharge it with positive, creative and feminine content.

Vera Steinhäuser has coached hundreds of women, but when it comes to power, many become very quiet. When she asks, she is taken aback: power seems suspicious to many women. Where does this come from, she asks herself - and goes on a search: What does power actually mean? Where have women ever had more power than they do today? Why doesn't power go hand in hand with being "Everybody's Darling"? What shapes us and holds us back?

With humor and curiosity, Vera Steinhäuser approaches the female side of power and shows us how we can empower ourselves and other women at work and in our private lives.

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