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Photo @Dr. Christina Müting & Carmen Breuker
dr Christina Müting & Carmen Breuker


Carmen Breuker

Somehow I've always had a feeling for trends or felt what positively drives and needs people in their everyday life. In my job as a designer, I was always a bit ahead of my time in almost all of my projects. Not always easy, but in the end with really good results of my designs. I love to bring something good into society through active and creative action! That's why I burn for RosiMilla. It's not just a wonderful, sustainable product for women and their female sexuality. It is my mission with the help of RosiMilla to let women discover their very individual sexuality.

Feminism is...

... to fathom being a woman, to endure, to show, to enjoy and to actively bring women into their strength and freedom.

My feminist role models are...

... Hannah Nydahl and Alice Schwarzer.

My favorite books are...

... There are many favorite books, at the moment I am reading 3 books with enthusiasm, "The Sick Woman" by Elinor Cleghorn and "Über Menschen" by Juli Zeh and "Unterrum frei" by Margarete Stokowski

The best empowerment song is...

... one of the most beautiful songs is "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera and very cool is "Sexy Girl" by 2 Raumwohnung

Viva La Vulva, because...

... she is ultra beautiful and can do so much....

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