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Claire Ralston

Claire came to Berlin from her hometown of Brisbane, Australia in 2014, where two years later she founded her successful clean skincare brand MERME Berlin. She previously studied at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. Her Health Company is another passion of hers to give other women the help she wished she had when she was suffering from chronic cystitis. "I went through hell for three years - I don't want other women to go through it." Even today, Claire could have BE any day if she didn't prevent it. Because once the body has had this inflammation, it is much more susceptible to it. “But the message is: You can still live a happy life. I don't want the BE to become something that determines your everyday life. Therefore, the products should not only be extremely effective, but also look so beautiful that you are happy to have them in the bathroom.”

“But the most important thing for me was to educate women and create a safe place where they can learn exactly how to prevent the next BE. And where men can also get information. I really want to break the taboo on bladder infections and help women talk about it with their partners - BEs are everyone's business."

Feminism is...

... priority!

My feminist role model is...

... Ruth Bader Ginsberg - she just got her own stamp!

My favourite book is...

... Phew... there are really too many great books that I can't decide!

The best empowerment song is...

... I am what I am - Gloria Gaynor

Viva La Vulva, because...

... important, strong, numerous and always louder!

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