"It's not just cycle-work, it's a PARADIGM SHIFT"


Angela Kaser & Eva Kleiner

The STORY OF CYCLE DIARY The story of the cycle diary began on a normal, chilled winter evening in the living room. Two women - Eva and Angela - discovered in a conversation that they are both ON FIRE for the topics of cycles, menstruation and femininity. They also have a preference for handmade, analogue and aesthetic things. Voila! A hand-bound cycle diary was needed! That's it.


Feminism is...

... "a schens Leben!"


My feminist role model is...

...Jane Goodall


My favourite book is...

... The origin of the world - Liv Strömquist & Wild Power - Your cycle as a source of female power - Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer


The best empowerment song is...

... New Woman by Lùisa & Revolution by Whyt Rbbt


Viva La Vulva because...

... important!


More on WOMANITY*: https://www.womanity.at/das-cyclotagebuch/

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