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Kerstin Gerritzen

As a founder and mother, as well as a nutritionist, herbalist, teacher and product developer, I bring all my passion to the research and development of natural ferments with unique formulations for holistic health, wellness and beauty inside out.

I'm not running along, I'm running ahead. I create my own recipes based on the latest scientific studies and my own research and expertise in herbal medicine, ecotrophology and fermentation. My products are unique, just like me, just like my path.


Feminism is...

... the female body - see, understand and respect. Being a woman - see, understand and respect. Go your own way as a woman - see, understand and respect.


My feminist role model is...

... Susan B. Anthony "No man is enough to govern a woman without her consent."


My favourite book is...

... "The child in you must find a home", Stefanie Stahl


The best empowerment song is...

...Unstoppable by Sia


Viva La Vulva, because...

... women should go forward, should live out their dreams and desires, without hurdles and limitations.


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